5 Strange Ways to Die in Red Dead Redemption

I’ve played enough video games to know there are some weird ways to kill off your character. But, I think Red Dead Redemption takes the cake. Some of them are a little more then average, like Rockstar’s decision to have John drown when he sticks his big toe in any body of water. (Oh why? It was so cool to have Niko swim in GTA IV) Others are so strange I don’t think I could ever recreate them. So I made a list of my favorite (or frustrating) strange ways I have kicked the bucket in Red Dead Redemption.

5 Strange Ways to Die in Red Dead Redemption


3 Responses to “5 Strange Ways to Die in Red Dead Redemption”

  1. I LOVE this article – that game sounds awesome!

  2. This game sounds super amazing! And these ways are just crazy! I bet you were pretty shocked by some of these.

  3. Strangely enough, getting hit full on by an oncoming train does NOT get you killed…or it could be the “heavy protection” from the rickety stagecoach I was sitting in at the time…but it just pushed me out of the way!

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