B is for BioShock

After this week, B is definitely for BioShock. My obsession with that game helped me get into the new Featured Contributor program on the Y!CN.  Besides playing and writing about BioShock, I have a Little Sister and Big Daddy tattoo. It’s huge and almost finished. I should be getting it completed this coming week.  This is my first video game inspired tattoo.  That fact that is a BioShock tattoo speaks volumes on the influence the game and its sequel has had on me. I shall have pictures once it is done. 🙂 If you’re as jazzed about Rapture and excited about exploring Columbia next year as I am then check out some of my  BioShock articles here and here.


7 Responses to “B is for BioShock”

  1. I am guessing BioShock is even closer to your heart now it has helped you get the FC position! Totally deserved! 😀

  2. My son is a huge gamer. The games look complicated, and I don’t understand most of what he does. You guys are in your own world. LOL

  3. congrats on the featured spot! I will have to check out bioshock.. haven’t heard of that one. 🙂

  4. Great game, great write-up!

  5. Amy Brantley Says:

    Love the blog!

  6. The game that keeps on giving. Congrats on your FC spot!

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