K is for Kick Ass BioShock Tattoo!

I have moved and this post can be found here: http://residentgamerblog.blogspot.com/2011/04/k-is-for-kick-ass-bioshock-tattoo.html


9 Responses to “K is for Kick Ass BioShock Tattoo!”

  1. TonyTruax Says:

    Awesome! Loved the first and second game. Beat them both including online. If they had decided to make he movie, that would have also been awesome but they didn’t.

    check me out at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4388327/

    • Thanks! I’m sort of wary about a BioShock movie, just because so many video game movies are terrible. And I would hate to see something I love butchered on the big screen.

  2. TonyTruax Says:

    Ye me too, but get ready to play bioshock infinite

  3. I am not a tat person but I can appreciate the artwork and the fun of having the ability to show it off. Fun stuff!

  4. Wow, they are really great tattoos!

  5. Totally kickin’ tats! Love them.

  6. Those are some serious tats! :O)

    My “K” post is right here: http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/kith-and-kin.html

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