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Y is for Yay for April

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Since the A to Z challenge is almost over, I want to do a post about the month in general. I had a blast with the challenge and I’m so glad I signed up.

As for this month in video games, it’s been one of big highs and lows. There was “Portal Kombat” on April 19.  How often does two of my favorite video game franchises release games on the same day? Yay! It was awesome. I’m still playing both Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat and will be for quite awhile. I’ve mentioned before, the PS3 had the upper hand with both games. Portal 2 got Steam integration and MK got Kratos.

Of course, this month has been one of the worst for the PSN. We found out that Sony shut down the PSN on April 20th because of security concerns. Then it was announced someone broke into our accounts and may have taken credit card info. It’s a mess. The PSN won’t be back until May 3 or 4. In all this news about the PSN, XBL warned of a possible phishing scam on CoD Modern Warfare 2.

Speaking of XBL, starting on April 18, gamers who bought Bulletstorm were invited to play the Gears of War 3 beta. People who pre-ordered Gears through Gamestop (like me) got beta access on the 25.While I’m more excited for the campaign of Gears 3, what I’ve seen of the multiplayer so far is awesome.

April has been a very busy month for gamers.  May is promising L.A. Noire, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean,  the return of the PSN,  and many other things. I can’t wait!


G is for Gears of War

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I’m really excited about Gears of War right now. I’ve started replaying the series in anticipation for the Gears 3 beta coming on April 25. Remember when full game was suppose to release this month? Yeah, those were good times, until it was delayed until September.

What do I love about Gears?  There’s the characters and the story. I’ve read many an article about how there isn’t much story or development in the games. I tend to disagree.  From Marcus, to Dom, and the (so far) ill fated Carmines, I like hanging out with my COG  buddies. And GoW 3 will have new characters like Clayton Carmine. (who better live- I bought a T-shirt for the Xbox avatar)

There’s two playable Gears girls for the first time, Anya and Sam. (I’m still going to play as Dom) There’s also the mystery surrounding Marcus’ father and his message at the end of Gears 2. I feel like I know these people and I’m anxious to see how their story ends.

Besides that, I like that the games have parts that can be pretty annoying. *cough* Berserker *cough* or how about razor hail, the Wretches, the Tickers, or the Kyrll? Yeah, Gears is full of enemies and situations that can make you nuts. But I love it and I can’t wait until September.